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 Vote/ Ballot Regulations.

One ballot, the first, will be accepted for vote from each verified, valid, and current email address. We will send a return email for each ballot cast. If our verification email bounces back for any reason the corresponding ballot will be withdrawn from vote. By bounce back we are strictly referring to being undeliverable due to these reasons; account closed, user unknown, box full, not accepting mail from this address, and no such email address. No action after voting is required by the voter. Once received our verification email may be deleted. After the vote count all voting email address will be purged from our records. Once verified we do not maintain a list of email addresses of voters. 

All Nominees for the election will be listed on one ballot. Voters will have the ability to ratify only, a nominee. Meaning you may vote for a nominee to be included but there will not be a no, or do not include, feature present. Vote counts consist of votes cast 

for a Nominee's inclusion. The minimal required vote for a ballot will of course be one. The maximum will be the total number of nominees. You may vote for one nominee, or all nominees. Remember once submitted, that will be the only ballot accepted from your email address. Voting problems should be reported here with as much detail as possible. 

Nominees who receive a minimum of 20%, (twenty percent) of the total votes cast will be inducted to the GLBT  Hall Of Fame. As the goal is to be inclusive of small community participation we have established the required vote count figure to accommodate small communities as well. It would be illogical to require the same number of votes for a world  known nominee as it would for a small town local nominee. However, the goal is to make availability to honor representatives from both the world and small towns. Total votes cast will be the total votes placed/cast on all ballots. So we will have demographic information on the number of voter/participants via ballot count and a total of votes cast as well for each election/ratification on file. If a  nominee should not receive the 20%, (twenty percent), required for induction the nominee will go back to the appropriate committee for further consideration. Additional information and nomination reasons may be included. Nominee availability will be restricted to three consecutive elections/ratifications. Two elections must pass before the three consecutive time nominee may return as a nominee for the same reason.

Voting will only be accepted during the designated periods. Actual voting areas will only remain open during the vote/ratification process.  

Only the ballots used on this website submitted through our system, will be accepted for count. It is the goal to have postal mail in ballots in future elections/ratifications.

If we don't honor and remember who will?

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