GLBT  Hall Of Fame 

Projects to Establish, Maintain, and Promote

1-25-2012 Updates

The main focus of the project initiated on 12-2011 has been that of branding and protecting the "brand, LOGO and related images and names. This has been the most received recommendation from advisors, SWS Members, Member Artists, and current GLBT Hall Of Fame Residents. Ongoing activity;
1.) Acquired the following domains;, and of course this domain 
2.) Updated the GLBT Hall Of Fame LOGO for ultimate registration. We have added the "stoneswirl" an original and dated image representing StoneWall Society. The "stoneswirl" has been utilized in products recognizable as StoneWall Society as images on various clothing, hats, and accessories. 

3.) This complete GLBT Hall Of Fame LOGO is marked as TM - Trade Mark to verify this image as one which does represent The GLBT Hall Of Fame.  Our ultimate goal is to have the image of / LOGO registered. While pursuing that project and others we establish the image as our trade mark. 
4.) Complete redesign of the GLBT Hall Of Fame website. 
5.) Implementation of support programs such as sponsorship and advertising to support the goals the growth and maintenance of the GLBT Hall Of Fame. 
6.) Reorganized nomination to induction process to insure timely and diverse input while maintaining a respectable standard of acceptance for elected inductees as  permanent Honorees of the GLBT Hall Of Fame. 
7.) Investigating; Corporation, LLC, Non-Profit, Not-For-Profit, D.B.A. as most desirable to achieve long term goals to sustain and grow the GLBT Hall Of Fame on a permanent basis. 


Current project: 
To solidify the permanent existence of the GLBT Hall Of Fame by making it a; Business website,  Not-for-profit or Non-Profit whichever will be best for the continuation of the Hall. . 

If we don't honor and remember who will?

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