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The GLBT Hall Of Fame will hold the 2012 induction of nominated members on December 19, 2012. The induction ceremony will be broadcast from the GLBT Hall Of Fame website, (, and from Rainbow World Radio, ( The event will begin at 8pm eastern time, and be permanently available thereafter at the GLBT Hall Of fame website.

We are proud to announce the 2012 Inductees:

Sally Ride

Sally Ride is nominated and approved for membership based on her contributions to science, co-author of children’s scientific literature, founding Sally Ride Science, and for her place as a role model to women and young girls.
You can find more information on Sally Ride at the websites listed below.

Shawn Thomas

Shawn Thomas is nominated and approved for membership based on;
The work Shawn Thomas has done to provide a positive and healing atmosphere for today's GLBT Christian.
Through his actions and music Shawn Thomas has built bridges of understanding and acceptance for the GLBT community within the non-GLBT Christian community.
Through his music and book Shawn Thomas has brought a stronger community awareness of the negatives thrust onto out GLBT Christians by the GLBT community. In doing real progress is seen in a wider acceptance of GLBT Christians by the GLBT community.
You can find more information on Shawn Thomas at his website listed below.

Donna Red Wing

Donna Red Wing is nominated and approved for membership based on;
Donna’s extensive work for full GLBT equality, her work with One Iowa, her work with The Interfaith Alliance, and her long support of a better global understanding and acceptance of the GLBT community.
You can find more information on Donna Red wing at the One Iowa website listed below.

The GLBT Hall Of Fame is a community based program designed to recognize and honor members and friends of the GLBT community who through direct effort and action have made an outstanding impact on the GLBT community and/or the worldwide community. It is our belief that pride starts with knowledge. Therefore we hope to strengthen the GLBT community sense of pride while paying respect to and acknowledging the GLBT history and worldwide contributions. The concept originated from countless inquiries at StoneWall Society on subject matters of GLBT history and community members.
The first Induction of Members was held December 22, 2004

According to GLBT Hall Of Fame and StoneWall Society Network founder, Len Rogers, "The 2004 U.S. election outcome and worldwide pressure by various religious groups to undermine GLBT Equality has created a feeling of despair and depression within the GLBT community. We hope the GLBT Hall Of Fame can act as a means to instill pride and conviction. The concept is a personal long time dream, and I can think of no better time to realize this for community and those recognized. Seeing our heroes, getting to know them, I hope will bring a sense of pride and action to an emotionally damaged GLBT community."

For further information and or interview contact:
Len Rogers,


If we don't honor and remember who will?

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