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Only nominations received utilizing this form will be accepted as a nomination to the GLBT  Hall Of Fame. 
In cases where you wish to snail mail your nomination, print this form and use as a guide and include with your written or typed nomination. 

Send to:

StoneWall Society Network / GLBT Hall Of Fame
POB 1438
Alabaster, Alabama 35007-1438

The completion of information in all fields is necessary to assist in verifying the nominations. In areas where the information/field is marked required by an asterisk, (*), if the information is omitted the entire nomination may be discarded. If you do not have the information requested please state, in the appropriate field why not. For security purposes your email address will be required twice below. An invalid email address will constitute disqualification of the nomination. You will receive a confirmation of nomination receipt email. We may contact you for additional information regarding your nomination.

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Please list the email and or snail mail contact points for three separate contacts who may verify your nomination claims. This is very helpful for localized nominations where large amounts of documentation are not available.

Are you personally involved with your nomination? This will not disqualify the nominee. Only a lack of reason will disqualify. We ask this to better understand the environment of the nomination and those nominating.*

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If we don't honor and remember who will?

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