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Welcome to the GLBT Hall Of Fame

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Special Pride Event!

Induction for the Class of 2016
GLBT Hall Of Fame honors

Ambrosia Starling GLBT Hall Of Fame 2016 Inductee 
Ambrosia Starling

Ambrosia Starling is our Inductee for the Class of 2016. Ambrosia was nominated and accepted for her outstanding and brave support for Transgendered Community in Oxford, Alabama. Ambrosia was also nominated for her strong and vocal support of the GLBT community in standing against Judge Moore's attempt to delay Marriage Equality in Alabama. Thank you Ambrosia from a grateful Community. 
The Induction will be here at on Thursday June 29, 2017 at 8pm central time. 

Induction for the Class of 2015 
will be April 1, 2016. 8pm central time.
Our 2015 GLBT Hall Of Fame Inductees;

Wolfgang Busch 

Wolfgang Busch is a visionary, entrepreneur, ambassador, motivator, inspiration and a community leader for the GLBT community since the late 1980's. He founded organizations, grass root movements, produced many charity events for the GLBT and Straight community and held several board positions for arts, sports and social community based organizations.

Bobby Blair 

As a former athlete, Bobby Blair has worked to promote tolerance in sports and to encourage young LGBT athletes to live their lives openly and honestly.
Bobby Blair has gone through the process of coming out as an athlete and has had successful careers in real estate and as an GLBT publisher for Guy Magazine and the Agenda, among other works. Bobby is a key supporter of many GLBT charities and causes, including the Brian Neal Foundation.

Opening Music

Mark Barnes  "Magnificent Day"  From his "Alive" Album

Closing Music

Djola Branner - You Make Me Feel (Mighty-Real) - Mighty Real - A Tribute to Sylvester


Len Rogers

Broadcast by: Rainbow World Radio

Listen to the Induction program here!

GLBT Hall Of Fame Class of 2014! 
December 17, 2014 8:00pm central time. 

2014 Honorees

2014 GLBT Hall Of Fame Inductee Jeffrey Newman
Jeffrey Newman
Jeffrey was nominated for his outstanding positive attitude and awareness activities on behalf of HIV positive people. Jeffrey has substantially helped ease the negative social stigma toward HIV positive people. He has also worked to increase education and understanding. Jeffrey's positive approach to life has daily impact and helps many. One nominator feels Jeffrey's help created a very positive and healthy situation for a family member and indeed the entire family. 

Saints and Sinners LGBT LIterary Festival LOGO
Saints and Sinners LGBT Literary Festival 
Saints and Sinners LGBT Literary Festival was nominated for outstanding support of GLBT Literature. While also creating a venue of recognition and awareness for community Literature and artists. 

Guest Artists:

Mark Barnes, Janet Villas, Kiya Heartwood, Craymo, Sidney Vaught, Corey Tut, Linq, Robyn E., Drew Paralic
and The London Gay Men's Chorus.

Listen to the Induction Program here!

GLBT Hall Of Fame Class of 2013! 

Congratulations Inductees to the Class of 2013!

Nathalie 'Tully' Callender & Marlee Walchuk and website link.
Marlee Walchuk  & Nathalie Callender
RightOutTV Logo and website link.
Lambda Literary Foundation an website link.
Lambda Literary Foundation   
Rev. David Weekley and website link.
Rev. David Weekley    
John Corvino and website link.
John Corvino    
Tom Murray and website link.
Tom Murray    
Orlando Cruz and website link.
Orlando Cruz  

Listen to the Induction Program here! 

Induction:  January 27, 2014 9pm Central time.
Here and on
Rainbow World Radio 
We will be celebrating our tenth year by opening the Ally-Honoree Directory.

GLBT Hall Of Fame class of 2012. 
Induction:  December 19, 2012 8pm eastern time on 

Sally Ride            Shawn Thomas            Donna Red Wing  

GLBT Hall Of Fame Class of 2011 

David Kato       Dr. Charles Silverstein      Boyd Kodak aka Jan Waterman      Chicago Gay And Lesbian Hall Of Fame


The GLBT Hall Of Fame Broadcast Center opened on 2-20-2012 which will also be broadcasting the induction. In the future the Broadcast Center will house and broadcast all GLBT Hall Of Fame programs and resident artist programs featured. 

Nominations are open for the Class of 2014 ending on 9-6-2014. On 9-7-2014 nominations for the class of 2015 will open.  

Our first induction of members to the Hall was December 22, 2004. 

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