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Criteria & Rules

Criteria for GLBT Hall Of Fame nomination of prospect Honorees.

Nominees may either be; a living or deceased, a member of the GLBT community, or an outstanding supporter of the GLBT  Community and or Human Equal Rights. Nominees may be: An organization, a place, or an entity. Intersexed and Questioning are welcome as community members eligible for inclusion. 

Nominations will be considered based on Nominee acceptance**, and outstanding contributions in the following categories:
Community, Leadership, Activism, Philanthropy, Government/Politics, Equality, and Community Support, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Film, Education,  Theatre, Science, Sports, Literature.

Nominations are welcome from any nationality and or region. The goal is to recognize on local, national and international levels. The extra meritorious achievements of an individual in their local community is criteria for nomination and or acceptance into the GLBT  Hall Of Fame. 

 Reasons made in nomination must be verifiable / substantiated  by either; 
Online or in- print documentation, or  witnesses of three or more unrelated sources of confirmation. 

Anyone may nominate. However a valid email address must be provided by and for the nomination source. Nomination source will remain confidential by theGLBT  Hall Of Fame. In the case of specific written approval by the nomination source the GLBT  Hall Of Fame will reveal the nomination source to the nominee only. Quotes from the nomination may be used for public use, the source will only be revealed to the nominee if so stipulated by the nomination source. There is no financial remuneration to nomination source, nominees, committee members, or for submissions for GLBT  Hall Of Fame use.

Nominations must be for outstanding or extra meritorious achievements in one of the categories named above. Being "out", is not in most cases in itself accepted as reason for inclusion to the GLBT  Hall Of Fame. The reason would be the effect created by the nominee's "out" status as in leadership or activism.

Nominations should be specific about achievements and how those achievements created an improved or positively impacted community and or world of reference. Our goal is to honor all, not to keep out. However, in the criteria we must stress specific outstanding and or extra meritorious actions and impact. We will return nominations for more information when necessary.

Additions will be made to the "Nominees" list on this website after all nomination claims have been verified and the nominee has received a majority positive vote from the existing committee. "Standing Inductees" are those nominees accepted for membership.

Nominees will be included in the "Nominees" list on this website after all nomination claims have been verified and the nominee receives a minimum of 51% approval from committee. Committee will  determine to approve a nominee directly to Standing Inductee in such cases where criteria and justification is obvious. A total of 70% approval from committee is necessary for progress to Standing Inductee.

Standing Inductee is a nominee who is approved by committee for membership in the GLBT  Hall Of Fame. 

Membership/inclusion to the GLBT Hall Of Fame will be granted to nominees who receive at least 70% approval of the total committee count of vote.   In all cases committee vote identity will remain confidential to all. Only the actual votes  will be counted. No record of voters will be kept after the voting process is complete. 

Positions of The GLBT  Hall Of Fame Induction and Nomination Committee members will remain confidential to prevent harassment, interference, and influence. Committee members are not eligible for nomination during committee active tenure. Committee membership in itself is not criteria for nomination. 

This criteria may be altered by an approval vote of 75% of committee and or public vote.

** Living Nominees have the option of accepting the nomination, or declining the nomination. The wishes of the Nominee will in all cases of Nomination, be final. If a living Nominee declines nomination, then nomination will not be available at any time, unless the Nominee has specified the decline is in effect only so long as they are alive. 
In cases where the GLBT Hall Of Fame has made three attempts to notify the Nominee by at least two means of contact, and the Nominee does not acknowledge the notification, The GLBT Hall Of Fame will view this as a nomination decline.

If we don't honor and remember who will?

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